Strategie LLC

Greg Derwart

Consultant & Coach

When businesses grow, thrive, and are at their best, they improve the lives of everyone in their community. 

Strategic & Operational Leadership

In our post-covid world, businesses in our community are learning how to reinvent themselves. Leaders are learning to adapt as well. The most successful ones are proactive change agents who emphasize innovation, process improvement, and the creation of a motivating, engaging and empowering team culture. This foundation is what drives a positive customer experience, which, in turn, creates an invaluable brand reputation. 

As a senior level operations executive focused on mission and growth, Greg Derwart has been leading teams and projects in the private, government and nonprofit sectors for over 20 years.

Greg is available to serve as a consultant, facilitator, trainer, and coach in the following ways . . . 

Strategic Mastery

Operational Excellence

Accountability & Inspiration